Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

Hola Familia!

Before we talk about that topic that you guys had looked into for me, we had the baptism of Ramon!! It was amazing! After the baptism he showed so much gratitude. Today we have a family home evening with his family. Then Sunday after church we had the baptism of Javier, the nephew of Vicente, which was great. Tonight we have to leave for a city called Santani for a zone conference. Elder Melvin J. Arnold will be there, so that will be interesting. We are excited. We are working great with the branch. We had about 70 people in church. There was a moment when I thought that we would have to open the curtains. But it was a great Sunday. We are working with future leaders in the branch and are seeing success. We have been working with 2 ex-branch presidents and a couple of other men that are coming back to church. Now Ramon can have a calling. We have mentioned many times to President that he should give a calling to Ramon. EXITO!!! (success)

LAUREN!! I was just looking at the pictures of you and Aaron. You and Ragan have married men that are… well,don’t have hair, so DO NOT expect that I will marry a girl that does not have any hair, hahaha. But hey, awesome news!!! You have to send me an invitation! because I will come!

What you mentioned about the "Non-Matriculated Adult admission" sounds like a good idea, I will see what I can do to write an application form this week. I cannot guarantee that I will have sufficient time but I will do my best to finish it. Does it have to be long or short? How many pages?

I want to send these quotes this week;

Two people can do anything if one of them is the Lord.


The power of prayer usually comes after "Amen".

I don’t really know who was the first persona to say those but I really like them.

Let me bear my testimony to finish.

Che aikua ko tupao ha'e Hesukrísto mba'e ha ha'e añetegua, che aikua pe Mormon Kuatiañe'ê ha'e ha ñandejara ñe'ê, che aikua José Smith ha'e hagua peteí profeta. ha che aikua aleerupi ha aporandu haguere ñandejarape, ha ha'e he'icheve añeteguaha ha upearupi. Aikua Hesukrísto ha'e ha che salvarod, ha ñande salvador, ha ñande ha'e Ita'yra Kuera! Ha ko'amba'e ha'e pe ême Hesukrísto rerape, amén.

Love, Elder Lucas Rodgers

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